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Film, Game and Trailer Scoring

This is at the heart of what we do at NoiseHook. From scoring and recording music, vocals and sound, to mixing and producing - we cover the whole process of soundtrack writing, from start to finish, maintaining a close relationship with stakeholders throughout the whole lifecycle of the project. We are firm believers of iterating, amending and perfecting pieces through close working relationships with our clients.


NoiseHook has gathered a number of reputable talents over the last 10+ years of music production and composition. From multiple vocalists singing in any style, to a real string quartet, and even a full Orchestra we believe that for our clients, nothing is impossible. Scale is limitless, and we want directors to have the freedom to express as much authenticity and emotion as they so desire.


The age old saying of "Nothing is perfect", applies to music more than any other multimedia. Even after a project is scored, recorded and produced, the final sound often requires that special something to reach what we would consider a finished product. At NoiseHook have embraced this aspect of music production and are happy to cater for even the most involved and self proclaimed perfectionists as a matter of course.


Take a minute to sample some of our previous work. We always aim to deliver high quality, engaging music, and believe that the breadth and scale of our in-house talent can deliver diverse sounds on an unrivaled scale.

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